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Carrow Real Estate Services advisory professionals are nationally recognized third-party consultants for investors, lenders, corporations, trusts and receiverships. Carrow’s extensive experience gives our clients a unique perspective and depth of analysis, resulting in sound financial decisions.

Carrow professionals begin our relationship by gaining a thorough understanding of our client’s objectives. The Carrow team then defines the scope of work to be performed based on those objectives. Services include:

  • On-site baseline property review

  • Visual documentation

  • Building systems inspection

  • Review/verification/abstract of leases\

  • Verification of financials

  • Market analysis/competitiveness

  • Energy auditing

  • Staffing

  • Tenant satisfaction

In addition, Carrow maintains associations with many other professionals and can arrange for other services as needed such as:

  • Architectural

  • Structural Engineering

  • Accounting/financial

Tenant advisory services

  • Lease analysis

  • Space control/security systems

  • Accurate estimation of energy costs

  • Ensure CAM fees are within industry standards

Asset management

  • Supervises property management team

  • Performs financial/cash flow/pro forma/risk analysis

  • Lease formulation

  • Identify buy-sell opportunities

All services available as peer review or as part of a due diligence process. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Advisory Services Services