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Sep 6, 2020

The Capital Center at 99 Pine, Albany NY

Improvements & Operating Cost Reduction

In addition to common area improvements, the owner worked with Carrow and invested in updated heating, cooling and security systems and added a new energy/temperature management control system.

The new and updated systems have resulted in increased tenant comfort, cost savings and a notable reduction in energy usage. The Carrow team assigned to this property utilizes the energy management system (EMS) to fine tune schedules to meet tenant needs, to ensure that temperatures are consistent in the tenant spaces and common areas, and to limit equipment run times. The team also uses the web-accessible EMS to identify potential issues before they become tenant complaints.

In addition to generating positive tenant responses, energy usage for the three months after project completion, compared to the same period the previous year, represented a savings of 26%, 43%, and 26% respectively. Service levels have increased and electric consumption has decreased. Data indicates that this will continue to generate energy reductions. Leveraging Carrow’s building management experience and operational efficiency tools makes sense for occupants, the environment and operating budgets. It is, quite simply, good business all around.